We all wander

We all wander,
either in our thoughts or on our feet.
We look for the occasional evidence that the world still runs its course,
though sometimes we have to look closer.
We have the common lights scattered all around us, here and there.
We use water and leave always something behind.
We are obsessed with our own reflections and those of the things we like.
Often we bleed on the inside, yet don’t want to acknowledge the presence of our wounds.
Instead we go to sleep and look for shadows.
Lights and shadows always change when we are closer to the ground.
At theses times they seem so promising, but their whereabouts are elusive and can pose hollow questions.
We retreat towards the light looking back in wistfulness into the dark, tremulously admitting our defeat.
We go on eating and observing and remeniscing, that there might have been empty phrases we devoured with great delight.
We are electric plants awaiting the mothership while we chronologically and alphabetically record our time on earth, neatly ordering every bit of our things that belong to us.
Even if there is nothing to be put in order.
Whereas in other corners of our mind things pile up.
We sit and wait and stare out of the window.
Now that you say it, I have to take my tooth brush while staring into the dark hallway,
admiring the subtle uniformity of everything around me.
I take my coat with me, look up on last time and go.


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